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Gall Midge and Dectes Stem Borer

We held a presentation on Gall Midge and Dectes Stem Borer back on January 16th. It was presented by Justin McMechan with the Univerity of Nebraska Extention. His presentation is on two videos and have been uploaded to youtube. See below for the links.

First part of presentation

Second part of presentation












Sygenta Facility Tour

On Thursday, October 20th, several of our agronomy team attended a tour at the Syngenta formulation facility in Omaha Nebraska. This plant was established in 1955 by Stauffer Chemical and through the years, now sits on 42 acres, has over 25 buildings, and has 142 process tanks for the chemicals produced at this location. They have the capacity to store 1.5 million gallons of product at one time, but they produce over 12 million gallons of product yearly. Out of this volume, 80% is used in the domestic market, and 20% is exported to other countries.

Syngenta makes over 135 formulations at this plant. The products that they build there are fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and the seed care products that we use through the seed treaters at our locations. They have the skill to blend up to 5 A.I.’s in a single product. This is difficult to do, because of the reaction A.I.’s have with one another.

While going through the facility and seeing the steps of making a product, we saw the machines needed to ensure a quality product. It became clear why generic products have mixing issues with A.I.’s falling out of suspension, weed control issues do occur, and the chemical makeup of generics have resulted in potential damage to your crops. Syngenta has made a large financial commitment to provide a quality product for you to use and have the quality control personnel to conduct multiple tests in the manufacturing process to ensure the product meets Syngenta’s high standards.

This was a great tour, many of us had no idea what all goes on at this facility. Syngenta has told us they would be open to additional tours in the future, if our customers would like to visit.

Thanks for your time and have a safe harvest!!