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Our objective is to serve the rural community of southeast Nebraska with the most efficient Agronomy, Grain Merchandising, Energy, and Feed products and services available. Please contact us by email or by phone at 800-827-0319 with any questions about availability of service or visit our Locations page to see how to reach any of our 26 locations.


      Free DP (Effective 3/6/17) Space permitting click here for details 

      Merchant Plus Marketing (sign up deadline 3/24/17)
             Grain Marketing Simplified. Click here for details to see how this program can benefit your operation!!!

We are pleased to announce that we have a new location in Auburn. Dettmer Farm Service became a part of Midwest Farmers Coop on March 15. They have served the Auburn area, offering agronomy products and services for the past 53 years. This locaiton will fit well with our existing operations and help us expand on the southeast part of our trade area. Please join us in welcoming the employees to Midwest Farmers Coop!

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The day after Robert Clements was sworn into office, the Nebraska Senator stopped in for a quick early morning visit at the Elmwood office of Midwest Farmers Cooperative. Senator Clements has a background in banking and is a lifelong resident of Cass County. Governor Rickets referred to the new senator as the ideal choice for this position and stated “With his experience, I’m 100 percent comfortable with him being in that role”. The Senator graduated in 1973 from UNL with a math major and minors in economic and actuarial science. Congratulations, Senator Clements.



Our Winter Newsletter is now available. click here

We hosted two Marketing Outlook Meetings. Kevin Riesberg of RJ O'Brien spoke at them. Click here for more information.

Looking for solutions to help develop and evaluate product performance and field data? Precision agriculture tools can help. Click here for more information. 

Now accepting CFA loand applications on the 2017 crop year. For information, go to News & Resources.

The NEW Syracuse Rail Facility is open! A ribbon cutting was held November 17. See News & Resources for more information.

Construction has started on the Syracuse Rail Facility Dry Fertilizer plant. Click here to watch live feed!

2016 Fall Harvest Policy click here

Notice: We are no longer handling grain at the Unadilla location.

Ag Industry Issue Highlights
EPA Proposed Label Changes to Atrazine May Affect Corn Growers. Click the links below to find out more.

How Will This Potential Change Affect You?

How Can You Make Your Voice Heard?


Thank You For Speaking Out on OSHA's PSM!
OSHA PSM Rule Overturned by U.S. Courts



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